Thursday, January 27, 2005

An Ideal World (Xanadu?)

I finally got around to reading the transcript of the President's recent press conference. In it, he stated I said, it reflects the policy of the past, but it sets a bold, new goal for the future. And I believe this country is best when it heads toward an ideal world. We are at our best. And in doing so, we're reflecting universal values and universal ideas that honor each man and woman, that recognize human rights and human dignity depends upon human liberty...
And you know what? I agree with the sentiment, there. We *are* at our best when we strive for an ideal. I know I've said that if we don't set the goal as high as possible that we can't hope to even reach some of the rungs on the ladder along the way. Still, this statement from the President made me nervous. Why? Because I don't think that his vision of an ideal world and mine match up.

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