Wednesday, January 26, 2005

It's A Matter Of Principle

More about Condi

Democrats are actually speaking up and saying that she's not their choice for the position of Secretary of State. They're making noise about her role in convincing the people of the USA that invading Iraq was necessary. They're using the word "lie", and making the point that deceit of the American public is not a desirable trait in a high-placed government official. At least, not when we can all see through it so easily.

I still expect her to be confirmed, but I no longer expect it to be unanimous. This expressing of dissent in an organized manner - through discussion and voting - is exactly what I'm looking for. Democracy is about majority rule, not about suppressing dissenting opinions. If our representatives don't agree, they should speak up. And now it looks as if once again, they are. It's a good sign.

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