Friday, August 24, 2007

My Work Day

I liked this conversation so much I decided to put it on my blog (names changed, of course, but typos maintained)

MyBoss [2:23 PM]:

Tami, have you contacted ... about the changeman file?
Me [2:24 PM]:
Yes. He got back to me with the "a couple of weeks" answer, and I let him know that we needed to be ready to migrate our DB by 10/5. Hopefully that will help.
MyBoss [2:25 PM]:
So when will we be ready to report on the additional fields?
Me [2:26 PM]:
I put our migrate date out there, but he didn't come back to me with anything. I thought I'd wait another business day before bringing heavy pressure, should I ditch that plan and give him a call?
MyBoss [2:27 PM]:
No, it can wait until Monday, I just need to give a date when we will start reporting
Me [2:28 PM]:
It really does depend on ... We need a project plan.
MyBoss [2:28 PM]:
or a big stick
Me [2:28 PM]:
Yes, well, that would probably be equally as effective.
Me [2:29 PM]:
Except that he looks kinda strong.
MyBoss [2:29 PM]:
not compared to a big stick
Me [2:29 PM]:
How big is that stick?1
MyBoss [2:30 PM]:
Me [2:30 PM]:
All right then, now I know why you walk so softly.

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