Thursday, July 6, 2006

Today I Bring Us All Down

Hey, New Jersey's bleeding money.
My take on the issues that are being discussed:
I don't care if we get a 1% tax raise. I hate the idea of taxing magazines and the fees paid to temporary employment agencies.

I want the state to open again, and the fact that the state senate and the governor can't EVER agree on a budget on time (well, maybe sometimes, but the late thing has happened before) is pissing me off. Agree on SOMETHING that will allow the state to start bringing in revenue again, folks! Forget the political aspects and try and remember that you're supposed to be aiming to make the quality of life better for the people who live in New Jersey. ALL of them. A budget that doesn't do everything you want is still a starting point, so please figure out a compromise, today.

Also in the news today,
Israel kills four in Gaza as fighting intensifies
Yes, everyone's favorite violent peoples remain violent today in the increasingly badly named "Cradle of Civilization". Remember folks, if you wipe each other out, nobody actually wins.

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