Thursday, July 13, 2006

Feeling a Little Better

Well. Re-reading yesterday's rant, I see that I was a bit uncontrolled. Quite frankly, I'm surprised the words "bomb the shit out of your infrastructure" really made it into the final post. I guess I was pretty damn upset. Still, my only comment (while I'm writing this) was "you are an idiot". Yikes.

While I admit that once I've calmed down, bombings and killings don't seem like the way to peace anymore, I also have to stand by some of what I said. Let's face it, I'm not a reporter, paid to give you the facts, I'm a blogger who specifically says up front that I'm here to give opinions.

Yesterday the opinion I was trying to voice is that the extremist Muslim method of operations involves killing people who aren't actively plotting against someone else, and convincing innocent youths that giving your life for a cause as a suicide bomber will bring you rewards after death. Israel's not like that. Even the factions in Israel who think that violent actions will solve problems aren't encouraging 14-year-olds to hang out at the border and throw the biggest rocks you can at people. The school curriculums don't include why Arabs have to be wiped off the face of the earth because they don't worship properly.

When Israel executes a violent military plan, it is because they want people to stop trying to eliminate their country. When I lived there, every day was full of bomb threats and random searches - every day. When you become used to the idea that entire countries full of people would like to kill you because of what you believe, sometimes the inner controls snap.

What's that you say? I shouldn't take this all so personally? I'm an American Jew, so these people who are fighting wars against Israel could care less about me? They wouldn't actually like to kill me because of my religion? Don't be naive, of course they would. I'm lucky because I only lived alongside those people for a short part of my life, but just that taste was enough to convince me that they're very real, and they're very scary.

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