Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Personal Stuff

The job I applied for has been filled by someone else. I am pissed.

Not because I got beat out by someone whom the interviewers thought was more qualified, or funnier, or better looking, or younger, or cheaper, but because my application was never forwarded to the interviewer for consideration. At least, that's what my manager told me yesterday.

The words "unfair work practice" have been mentioned to me.

I knew something was wrong when a friend let me know that this job - did I mention that they wrote the job description for me? Actually came to me, asked what I know, and then wrote exactly that on the posting? - this job that I was so sure would be mine was posted on the internet, and she saw it on "hot jobs". I told her to apply, even though I already had. She declined, not wanting to cause awkwardness. She really should have applied, because apparently, I never did.

Why did no one call and ask me where my application was? Why did I not check to make sure that my boss had really sent it where it was supposed to go? Why did I take such a hands-off attitude on something I wanted so much?

Was it really just a system failure, that an email got lost somewhere in the ether and no one knew to look for it? Maybe. Was I deliberately screwed over by someone so that I couldn't change departments? Maybe. I can't know which, and it's making me crazy.

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