Friday, July 7, 2006

Friday Cheese Blogging

To celebrate the re-opening of my state, and the acceptance of a budget that I feel deals with property taxes in an idiotic way, I purchased:
Mmm, truffled cheese

Pecorino Tartufello
A fresh raw sheep's milk cheese with whole pieces of black truffles. Buttery and intense with the aroma of damp pastures, lanolin and earthen fungi. Smooth, buttery and intensely satisfying, permeated with the essence of truffles.

Region: Toscana
Country: Italy
Type: Hard
Beverage: Old World Red
Milk: Raw Sheep

I will enjoy the cheese, and I will continue to write letters about how only through additional state aid to the municipalities, and not through rebates can real property tax relief be achieved. My new crop of letters are going straight to state senators.

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