Saturday, July 23, 2005

Welcome back.... to that same old place you used to laugh about

It's far too early in the day to have the theme music for Welcome Back Kotter stuck in my head. I hereby curse my brain's annoying ability to dredge up useless seventies trivia while being unable to master the complexities of opening this damned childproof aspirin lid.

With that said, we are approaching the return of the One True Tami from her tropical hiatus. Along with my fellow guest bloggers, I would like to welcome Tami back and say how much I've enjoyed having a new place to vent some of my more obscure musings and observations. We've tried to keep the place tidy. (Don't mind the mess in the corner... the cat's been a bit ill since she ate the Gouda.)

I hope that your tropical trip did you well and left you refreshed and ready to resume your pithy ponderings here on your blog.

And we damned well expect souvenirs. Or at least photos of some of the soccer players who tried to woo you.

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