Monday, July 25, 2005

Pull the string and I'll wink at you, I'm your puppet
I'll do funny things if you want me to, I'm your puppet

As the Forrester campaign begins to look more and more like a submissive slave to the Chauncey Gardiner administration, Darth Cheney appeared last week to raise money for Forrester. This follows Traitor Rove's visit to the Garden State to raise money for Forrester. If Chauncey didn't exist, would Forrester? While Cheney made a point of mentioning the Forrester campaign "message", once again we were given the message without the meaning. So far, months and months into the campaign, and after fighting his way through the primaries, Forrester still refuses to say anything substantive about his plans as governor. If you check his web site, you find nothing of substance about his plans, but plenty of attacks on Jon Corzine. The vast majority of his site's information is just hot air. Does the man have an actual idea about anything? Does he want to be governor in order to accomplish anything, or just to "be governor"? As the months drag on and Forrester supplies no more information on his intentions, his campaign begins to look more and more like a vanity campaign. He apparently just wants a fancy title so he can feel like a bigshot.

Only Forrester's plans with respect to property taxes have any substance to them, and they were thoroughly refuted by his own Republican adversaries in the primaries. Curiously, wrong and meaningless as those "plans" are, Forrester still hasn't made any adjustments to them.

The question remains: will Forrester be New Jersey's governor or the federal administration's? After all, Rove and Cheney are raising the money for him. And why, if he can't articulate any sort of intentions as governor, does Forrester want to be governor? There's something fishy in that.

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