Monday, July 18, 2005

I Believe

Everyone needs something to believe in.

  • that big business and the Federal government have been in bed together since before I was born. But in "the old days" they at least tried to hide it. Now they're doing it right out in the open like two big dogs shagging in the park.
  • that future generations of presidential historians will be shocked and appalled at the corruption and mendacity of the current administration, but we won't find out about it until the culprits are long since dead and buried.
  • that the current two party system has replaced government in the best interest of the governed with the high tech "sport" of politics, where winning is all that matters. And there's not a damned thing we can do about it because we'll just keep on electing career politicians who are more loyal to their "team" than to the people they represent.
  • that robots are stealing my luggage. (Ok... I stole that one from Steve Martin.)
  • that the giants strides of progressive social reform which were achieved from the sixties through the eighties are slowly eroding. Without major changes in who we elect to power we won't see them again any time soon.
  • that the oil is going to effectively run out by the end of this century and our grandchildren will live to see the beginning of the next, permanent stone age because we're not doing a fraction of the work we need to accomplish to get away from non-renewable energy sources.
  • that there is a showdown looming between the United States and one or more of the other nations who we continue to anger in our arrogance. My money is on China.
  • that we'll be lucky if most of us are left to blog about all of these events as they unfold.
Yes... everyone needs something to believe in. Right now I believe I'll have a drink.

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