Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Trying to Remain Hopeful...

Israel Set to Reopen Gaza Border After Truce Summit
While Palestinian militants said they were not bound by President Mahmoud Abbas's formal truce pledge, they said they would continue to show restraint for now -- and both sides sought to capitalize.
Argh. I knew it. Why are they not bound by an elected leader? Oh, because they have no leader but Allah! And whomever brainwashed them, of course. Still, despite the refusal to acknowledge leadership, they did say that they would stop blowing stuff up... for now.
Israel's heavily fortified Erez crossing at Gaza's northern end will be reopened and hundreds of Palestinians will regain employment in Erez's Israeli-run industrial zone.
Well, that's a good thing, at least. Allowing people to resume the jobs that provide them their livelihood is always a good step. I do indeed believe that the average Palestinian would like to just live their lives in a bullet-free manner, going to a job, coming home at night to their family, maybe catching a movie on a day off, or visiting friends.
Leaders of both sides agree Sharon's plan to "disengage" from conflict by evacuating Gaza this summer could kickstart the "road map" process if done in coordination with Palestinians. Yet with Sharon intent on keeping most of the larger West Bank, which Palestinians regard as the core of the viable state they seek, few expect diplomacy to yield a permanent peace deal in the near future.
...and there's our deal-breaker. I personally can't make up my mind about the West Bank. I'm of three minds; part of me thinks that the West Bank is part of Israel, and that these people have no right to it at all, part of me thinks that Israel should just give the damn land to them, if it will bring peace, and part of me thinks that Israel could indeed give up the West Bank, and that the fighting would continue, anyway. Still, because I do feel that most people in the world *don't* want to live their lives in a constant state of battle, I think that maybe there's a chance that people can work out some sort of a peaceful coexistence. It's a long shot, but I'm trying to remain hopeful.

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