Saturday, February 12, 2005

Another Good Point

Blogger would not let me in at *all* yesterday. That having been said, check this out:

Truth: The Great Liberal Conspiracy over at Shakespeare's Sister.

I love the way she digs in to a subject and just keeps going until you see how well thought-out her arguments are. She's not just spouting the first thing that comes to mind, her opinions are based on a healthy mixture of fact and experience. And yet, she seems so young! :o)

Take this excerpt for example:
There was a time when pointing out blatantly obvious political maneuvering would not have warranted charges of being a conspiracy theorist. We used to have a healthy mistrust of our government; we assumed that the flaws of humankind weren’t checked at the doorways of the White House and the Pentagon. When the shit hit the fan, we assumed that the people involved might do less than ethical things in the pursuit of self-preservation.

Check out the rest for yourself, it just makes sense.

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