Monday, February 7, 2005

Post-Superbowl blogging

Having a busy morning, haven't even had a chance to check out the proposed budget yet. I did, of course, take the time to go look at the Carnival of Cats over on Running Scared. I can't believe I forgot to take cat pictures!!

And, of course, I read the MSNBC article about the Superbowl and it's commercials. I was watching until half time was over. I adore Paul McCartney completely. I don't care if he was brought in because he's so "safe", he's really wonderful. I'm not 60, by the way, I just think that. Anyway, I also paid attention to the commercials, after all, they're usually really something. My favorite was the FedEx/Kinkos one, which is a little embarrassing because that's the main competitor for the company I work for, but it was a really good ad. The article talks also about the sub/hero/grinder* sandwich ads:
Finally, in the battle of hot, toasted sandwiches, it was Subway's couple in a car over Quizno's talking baby.
I totally agree. The talking baby with the hot girlfriend disturbs me, but the Subway ad was good for a lot of laughs and flirting for the rest of the evening. Many jokes were made about better places to do that, and purposeful misunderstanding about whether we meant "making out" or eating sandwiches. And, of course, explaining it like that completely kills the joke.

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