Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A Short Exposition

I'm feeling cynical today, and not very loquatious, so just a short bit based on a conversation I had last night.

Every government is at some level corrupt. It just is. Deal with it.

Some forms of corruption disregard the needs of the community so blatantly that all forms of decent support collapse, and places become real cess-pits.

Some "corrupt" officials understand that they live in the communities that their decisions are affecting, and so they use their underhanded, often illegal methods to actually get things done. Alongside the legal, above-board ones, of course. I won't say that most governments are corrupt on all levels, that's just silly. There's plenty of honest people out there, it just seems that most often they're not the ones pushing for power.

New Jersey, most of the time, has the kind of corruption that gets things done. If you're stuck with it anyway, it might as well be the productive kind.

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