Friday, February 18, 2005

At Least There Aren't Any Ration Coupons

Yesterday afternoon over at Shakespeare's Sister, Mr. Furious posted a nice little bit that starts like this:
So Bush-supporting farmers don't like the raw deal they're being given with Bush's proposed budget?
That's Farmers Who Backed Bush Upset With Budget in case you missed the one-word link, there.

Know what I see when I read that article? I see yet another factor in the equation of why it's going to get more expensive to live in this country, really fast. There's less aid for farmers in a year when there's a Hessian fly infestation. Goodbye, reasonable wheat prices. And have you seen the price of milk lately? Staples are up, up, up. Aid is down, down, down. Deficit is up, spending must go down.

I'm thinking that it's really the beginning of a wartime economy.

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