Friday, June 22, 2007

Yeah, So What?

Yes, I'm working my personal issues out here on the blog instead of using it for it's intended purpose of discussing current events and political issues, what's it to ya?

Last night the woman who owns the bridal boutique finally called me. Apparently, I signed something that says that if the dress doesn't match the extra fabric, too bad. I wasn't taking that lying down. Neither was the lovely, tiny woman who owns the dress shop. Watters & Watters will be making me a new dress (in the same style) custom fit to my measurements. None of my measurements are on their size charts, but I could give a damn. They will have the dress done no later than next Thursday, the 28th, and they will overnight it to Sara for the 29th. In theory, this is all fine.

I am SO glad I bought that back-up dress.

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