Thursday, June 14, 2007

All Apologies

I know, I just keep writing about what's wrong with me and saying I'm sorry. The truth is that I just haven't been able to keep up with the work of expressing my political opinions eloquently with all the crap that's been going on with my family this year.

Hoping that the whole "the personal is the political" thing might possibly apply to me and mine, I'll let the world know what's going on with me, even when I haven't told the guy sitting next to me here in the office.

I had to take my dad to the emergency room on Tuesday. I really should have taken him Monday night, but I was afraid, and I made a bad judgement call. Lucky for me, that didn't kill him, and we got him there on Tuesday. His hemoglobin count, which for a healthy adult male is 13.5-17, and which for him was a week ago 10.5, plummeted down to 3.9. It was 5.9 when I brought him to the hospital, and dropped a bit more before they started giving him blood. He has a blood disorder, so he always runs low, but not like this. He's now tested positive for something called hemolysis, and they're treating him with steroids, but it's still possible that he's got a lower GI bleed happening, as well.

I'm really worried, and of course I'm heading over there (St. Peter's) after work today. The doctor said that they might be moving him out of the MICU and into a regular room, so that would be good news.

I'm still limping badly from my hip problem and I don't have what it takes, physically, to take care of a sick dad. This sucks.

I look forward to caring more about Hamas fighting Fatah than about who's going to take care of the laundry and can Dad sign checks to pay the bills.

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