Monday, June 18, 2007

Sentimental Journey

I am so corny and sentimental that I hardly even recognize me. And all I want to talk about on my blog is me and my life? Add "self-centered" to the list, I guess.

Yesterday morning I got myself dressed, packed up about 12 DVDs, some dental floss, and my cane, and headed out to Barnes and Noble. Not that I like them best, but they're a big book store that sells gift cards, and that was my goal. I purchased 3 interesting periodicals (Popular Science, Scientific American, & Newsweek), a lovely canvas bag, and a gift card, and hauled my ass back to the car. Might I say, shopping while injured is *so* much easier when I bring the cane. Not only is it there to actually lean on, but when people see it, they're much nicer to me than if I was just dragging my leg behind me like some sort of pirate.

Of course, what I really want is to not need it. I'm getting there.

Dad just called. Seems that if the hemotologist/oncologists agree, he can come home today or tomorrow. That's the best news I could get.

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