Thursday, January 18, 2007

So.. That Happened

First - an apology. I haven't' been blogging because I suddenly seem to have a real job that expects me to do work during the day. I apologize for my absence and hope I can start to work out my own darn schedule.

Second - the story I had to tell the world. I was driving up 287 through Boonton, when I saw a blue streak go across the sky. It looked exactly like something burning up upon entry into our atmosphere. It did not look large. So there I was, thinking about how cool it is that I finally saw an actual meteor when they're supposed to be hitting the earth in droves anyway. all the time, when something Else happened.

There was a giant bird flying over the highway. Not unnaturally giant, just a really big bird specimen. It was the kind of bird you look at and say, "Man, that's a big bird!". And then you realize that you've made a Sesame Street reference without meaning to, and you don't mention it, and you hope to god that no one else does, either, but if you're with my dad, of course he mentions it. *sigh*. Anyway, either a crazy downdraft hit, or the bird went insane and decided to land in the middle lane of the highway in the middle of traffic. It almost hit the car in the middle lane, swerved up a bit and over towards me, and avoided my windshield by feet. Feet! And I'm telling you, the wingspan of that bird was nearly the width of my windshield. This was the point when I noticed that the bird was an eagle. Not a bald eagle, but it definitely had that head and the pointy beak. Like this one.

So there you go. Meteor and what I'm pretty darned sure was an eagle that's not supposed to be in the eastern U.S., all in one 40-second period. I don't think the rest of my day is going to be able to keep up.

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