Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Heard it on the Radio

More stuff you didn't want to know about me: I find David Lee Roths' speaking voice really sexy, especially when he drops it low on purpose. I have no idea why, but man, that sound just wraps around me like a blanket.

Damn. Is there ever a post where I don't wander off my point?

Well, anyway, now you know why I was tuned into David Lee Roth this morning. I listened for a while, and was thrilled to hear that he was talking to John Beltzer from Songs of Love. I love music, and I love compassion for those who deserve it. I cannot think of anybody who deserves compassion more than a sick child. Beltzer's organization composes original songs for ill children and has celebrities (of all levels) record them. This morning I heard Roth's donation of a song to a girl named Ashley with leukemia. If I was a sick kid, I'd love that. AS it is, I'm an adult, and I love the idea.

Then Roth talked about the next guest coming up, and it was a former porn star. Since I could care less about healthy attractive women talking about having lots of sex, I turned it off. She doesn't need my help.

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