Friday, April 7, 2006

Friday Random Ten, the 30% 30's Music Edition

In the spirit of Rox Populi, my random ten of the morning:

1) Angel of Mine - Monica
2) Turning Japanese - No Use for a Name
3) Holiday in Cambodia - Dead Kennedys
4) Ballroom Blitz - Testify
5) These Foolish Things - Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
6) Leash - Pearl Jam
7) To Keep My Love Alive - Blossom Dearie
8) Down in the Depths - Lisa Stansfield
9) Believe - Cher
10) The Price You Pay - Bruce Springsteen

The problems with my iPod:
1) I put an entire CD's worth of mp3's on it given to me by my ex (when he was my "current") without checking what they were, as a show of affection.
2) That's how "Angel of Mine" got on there.
3) That's not how "Believe" got on there.

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