Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Going Back to Jersey

Not that I ever physically left, mind you. Well, except the occasional day trip to New York or Pennsylvania. Or, if I'm going to the cheap gas station by my office, the 5-minute detour through Suffern, NY, as that's shorter than going down to 17 and going back up Franklin Turnpike.

Anyway - I used to blog over at Blanton's & Ashton's, yes? What's that, you say? I was never taken off the authors list, I've just been falling down horribly on my obligations? Why yes, I suppose that's just it! It was all brought home to me yesterday when engaging in an email exchange with DBK and Tata (also from Poor Impulse Control and Running Scared).
T,tOT: BAM! You never see logic coming! It's like lightning, but without the teeth!

The main reason I was blogging at B's&A's was that it was a very Jersey-centric blog (and, of course, still is). Previously, if I had New Jersey news to express an opinion upon, I would usually put it up over there. Lately, I've been neglecting my fair state in writing. Well, I promise, that if not before, then definitely while DBK is off on his lovely vacation, I will be diving back into telling you all what I think about the state I live in.

And cheese. I'm going to also tell you about cheese.

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