Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Can Someone - Anyone - Get Them to Stop, Already?

Iran says has enriched uranium
"I am proud to announce that we have started enriching uranium to the 3.5 percent level," Gholamreza Aghazadeh said in a televised address, adding that the pilot enrichment plant in Natanz, south of Tehran, had started working on Monday.
He's proud? Why? because of the technological achievement, or the "stick it to the U.S.A." factor?
White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Iran was "moving in the wrong direction" with its nuclear program and if it persisted, the United States would discuss possible next steps with the U.N. Security Council.
See, now the whole thing where Scott McClellan says that Iran's doing something wrong, that makes me nervous.
President George Bush on Monday dismissed reports of plans for military strikes on Iran as "wild speculation."
Oh, thank goodness. I was all worked up into a frenzy. Now at least I know I can relax. The President said so, right?

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