Thursday, February 2, 2006

I Only Hear What I Want to?

Our president is on a 3-state tour to promote his "competitiveness agenda"
The president argues America needs to give its high school kids the skills the global economy is demanding.
i don't know about you, but i always get much more nervous when Bush starts saying things I've said out loud. It's pretty much like "opposite day" where everything you say means the exact reverse, the kind of thing 8-year-olds do to annoy parents.

America does indeed need to give its high school kids the skills that the global economy demands. The sticky wicket here is that actually doing it involves funding the programs used to educate these kids. The whole reality/money thing can be such a buzzkill.

A completely unimportant side note: the "tour" is starting out at the 3M company headquarters outside St. Paul. When I was 12, I did a report on 3M, and now every time I see the company name, I think, "I know that stands for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing. Odd".

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