Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Don't Know Why I Came Here Tonight

I wanted to blog yesterday, but it was all just too much for my little brain. What was I going to talk about? Could I coherently explain that if people in my government are breaking the law on purpose by listening in on phone conversations without warrants, that I think they should be arrested, no matter who the hell they are?

Was I going to try to put two sentences together about Hamas forming a government and expecting other nations to deal with them as an actual respectable country? Good luck re-training people willing to die for a cause into people willing to clean sewers for a cause, Hamas. The worst part about it, to my way of thinking, is that I cannot comprehend how the U.S. can not deal with them considering their complete enmeshed status with the countries that control our oil supplies. What are we supposed to do in order to make them feel threatened by us, rearrange every job in the U.S. so that people can only work somewhere they can walk or bike to?

And what about uncontrolled, unmitigated, unreasonable violence - over a cartoon. Someone tells a joke in very poor taste, a joke, that in my opinion, shouldn't have really been made, and people DIE? That actually is insanity, in case you've been thinking otherwise. Sure, I think it was in poor taste to publish those cartoons, it's insulting an entire faith, but worthy of fatal violence? There's just no sense of perspective, there.

So no, I couldn't figure out what I could possibly say about these things, so I kept my fingers still and my mouth shut. Until I couldn't any more, of course.

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