Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Because Israelis Don't Have Enough Outside Enemies

Sometimes they just have to fight each other.

Israeli Troops Finish Clearing Settlement
AMONA, West Bank - Israeli riot police wielding clubs and water cannons cleared out part of this illegal Jewish settlement outpost Wednesday, as resisters fought back with sticks, stones, bricks and paint. More than 200 were injured, one-quarter of them officers.

In anguished scenes reminiscent of last summer's Gaza withdrawal, the security forces dragged hundreds of protesters from rooftops barricaded in barbed wire and flattened empty homes with bulldozers and heavy machinery. The military said 32 people were arrested at the scene along with "dozens of other rioters" in the area.

The fierce battle was a likely harbinger of what lies ahead if Israel decides to leave other parts of the West Bank. Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the front-runner in the March 28 Israeli elections, is widely expected to withdraw from more areas of the territory and dismantle additional Jewish settlements if he wins.
There you go, something really depressing, just in case you weren't already down from the "I put on a good front" SOTU and the Alito nomination. OK, that's really just one guy who reads me. Bet you feel special now, eh?

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