Thursday, November 3, 2005

Good Sources - A Guide

A bit of advice to you if you're a reporter - a reporter, not a gossip columnist - unless said ex-spouse is an expert on some non-subjective issue, talking to an ex-spouse is probably not your best idea for an interview.

Corzine's ex-wife claims he's 'compromised his ideals'
She also says his affair with Katz broke up their 33-year marriage

Once again I find myself asking "Am I the only one who...". This time I follow it up with "takes anything an ex-spouse says with a healthy dose of salt?". Is Joanne Corzine a reputable source for talking about her ex-husband's character? She talks about how her husband's relationship with another woman ended their marriage and wants me to think that she's not just talking out of hurt?
"I am not in the grasp of the bosses. Because Joanne says that I am doesn't mean it's so. I think I'll end there and I'll say that, in breakups of marriages, there's pain involved for everyone," he [Corzine] said.
Yes. Pain. When you've been one of the people in pain, talking about someone's morals probably doesn't show you in the best light.

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