Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Americans Not In Favor of Torture

I cannot believe that the America of my comic book childhood dreams has come to a point where the president declares that we do not torture, and many of us do not believe him. I, as a citizen, am sickened by the idea of torture being used in the name of my country. We're supposed to be above that.

I am not alone in my outrage. There is a fine piece over at Blondesense that inspired me to write this here. It's important to write out our denouncement of torture wherever we can - at least then the people who read it will know that the attitude of superiority over citizens of other nations does not permeate all levels of American society.
We must state our objection. We must tell the world that we Americans are not tolerant of torture and cruelty. We need to have those words on every website in the blogosphere. How will they know if we donĂ‚’t tell them? If we donĂ‚’t state our case, who will? The idea of torturing human beings is not ours and we abhor such actions. We better speak up now and we must be loud. Otherwise be prepared to pay for the damages for the rest of your life.

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