Thursday, October 20, 2005

Never Start a Land War in Asia

And never post about abortion unless you want a lively comment area. The comments are worth reading, especially because there's someone who doesn't agree with me trying very hard to speak reasonably about it. I just don't see that enough.

Anyway, I've been crazy-busy today with work problems, and haven't had time to write more than one post. Rather than make up for it now, I thought I'd just point at a blog post I like over at the Corzine Connection: Doug Decieves on His Business Record

I found myself this morning kind of regretting that John Murphy hadn't won the Republican primary for this race; he seemed like a less frightening opponent. When I say "less frightening", I don't mean that I think his chances of winning weren't as good as Forrester's, I mean that the thought of him winning wasn't really near as scary to me.

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