Monday, October 10, 2005

All on a Monday Morning

Well, Saturday night came and went. I decided I was being an idiot for being scared. Then it rained really hard and I didn't go anyway. I suck. Thanks to everyone who commented, though, it really helped to be able to discuss it. When it came right down to it, I acknowledge the fact that everything we do is dangerous - everything. It's just that it seemed to me for a short while that actually going to a place where the bomb threat was, on purpose, well, that didn't seem like it was a smart decision.

On a completely different note, this weeks Carnival is up:

On a New Jersey note: once again I found myself listening to 101.5FM and wondering why. This line brought up the question today: "Mussolini? He's been dead since 1948(sic)! Yeah? Well, he's still on the voter lists for Bergen County!" It was followed by a single person in the studio laughing, loudly. It wasn't that it was that bad of a joke, it was just the one-person laugh-track that was really creepy.

On another New Jersey note: Scott at Poetic Leanings has a good post on a recent Bob Ingle article. One of the points that Scott makes that I like best is that he's willing to condemn corruption from a Democrat just as quickly as he will from a Republican. It left me thinking about the fact that it relay seems these days that a lot of voters can't seem to distinguish between a single candidate and an entire party. I have always looked at the candidate as an individual when making up my mind who to vote for. It's an important step that I think everyone should take. Political party be damned, if someone's going to do a bad job, you should never vote for them.

In fact, if you recall, the reason I decided to back Corzine is that I went out and looked at his Senate voting record. You can go ahead and quote meaningless statistics about how many times he voted to raise taxes or against lowering them, or you can go out and look for yourself at those bills and what they actually said. When I did that, I liked what I saw, and thus, I declared my support. Whether or not every other Democrat in NJ right now is corrupt or not, I like the way that Corzine as a separate individual works. They're all separate people, and they need to be treated as such.

There you go: one post, all over the map, all on a Monday Morning.

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