Friday, October 14, 2005

Chapter 10, In Which I Am In a Terrible Mood

Oh, I'm in a terrible mood. I just found out that my job is moving 29 miles north of here, and I live 28 miles south of here. I used to work up there. My first week I wrote an essay about how it sucked all the life and happiness out of me to commute to work 57 miles each way.

The gap in the polls for the NJ Governor's race is also making me dizzy with confusion. I cannot understand wanting to vote for Forrester. The man was Mayor of a town, and I really do not like the way he worked there. Corzine is a U.S. Senator, and I really do like the way he works there. Why don't people just agree with me? I'm so often right!

I'm in no mood to write. I probably shouldn't have bothered, but I missed you guys.

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