Wednesday, May 25, 2005

NJ Conservatives

I had no idea how upset N.J. conservaitives were with the trends we have towards paying public employees comparatively well. I had no idea people were so very angry about the way that voting tends to support public social programs rather than leaving the burden of charity to private institutions.

I've been reading a lot of conservative NJ blogs the past couple of days. I see some things that I can get behind, but mostly I see opinions that I cannot at all comprehend. Today's most amusing remarks are located in the comments section of a PoliPundit post. Examples:
the Republican party in NJ is hopeless. America starts in Pa (and seems to be moving to Ohio)
Or my favorite:
The NE is kinda like France.
Hey, cool! After visiting Paris in high school, I've always thought that France was *beautiful*! When does Trenton's makeover get started?

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