Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My Kind of Mouthpiece

Please, if you're not the type who's read this already, head over to Dear Abby for today's date, May 11th, 2005. She has a letter from someone who calls himself "Leonard in Lynchburg". I feel terrible quoting her column, I worry that I need permission but I simply must. I'll just take from the middle of Abby's reply:
"Homosexuality is simply a variant of sexual orientation. Those who claim it is "unnatural" should direct their attention to Dr. Joan Roughgarden, a biologist at Stanford University with a Ph.D. from Harvard, who states that more than 300 vertebrate species have been found to practice homosexuality. (A visit to any zoo might confirm it.)"
Abby, whom I often think of as an example of as pure Middle American Values-Oriented as you get, apparently thinks that scientific facts and tolerance are values. I applaud her.

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