Monday, July 9, 2007

Security Blanket, Moths

Many Homeland Security Positions Vacant
"Gaping hole" in nation's preparedness, congressional report says
In an interview, Thompson said that vacancies have weakened morale and reflect an over-reliance on contractors. He also called the report a warning "that we can expect more vacancies to occur than what we have been accustomed to" at the close of the administration, when many top personnel will leave their posts.
What, there's no one to do these jobs? Are we out of administration cronies? Is all of Halliburton taking the summer off?

The concept that administration cronies will simply get up and leave when their preferred bosses do makes me feel vindicated in my ire, but pretty fucking hopeless about security in the next few years. We're substandard now, and we will be for a good while until a reality-based administration gets its toehold and can get working.

Once again, I wonder if I should buy a gun.

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