Thursday, January 19, 2006

Word Worth Spreading

Via Running Scared, who saw it at Balloon Juice (been a while since I mentioned that blog, and the last time I was pissed):

Welcome to and the "72 Hours of Sunshine Rule" is a new national organization dedicated to forcing Congress to post all proposed legislation online for 72 hours before it goes to the floor of Congress. We call this the "72 Hours of Sunshine Rule". It is needed because Congress has degenerated into chaos. The House of Representatives still has a rule on the books requiring proposed legislation be available to members for three days. But the House waives this rule routinely and rubber stamps huge bills in the middle night, clueless of their content or cost. Senate rules are fuzzier but the result is the same. This chaos in Congress costs every American. Provisions and giveaways slipped through Congress are one reason that the U.S. has a national debt of $8 trillion. These sneaky provisions also invite plain-old corruption.
Being the kind of gal who reads instruction manuals, I'm also the kind of gal who believes that the legislature should be reading the legislation before voting on it. Isn't that actually what their job is? Listen to the constituents, propose new legislature to make the country/states run better, and vote on other people's proposals - that they've actually read? Doesn't that sum up the important duties?

I'll check on that, but I'm pretty sure. I admit, I've read a few bills, and it's hard. They're more boring than listening for your name at the DMV. Still, these people ran for the position and won, they now have to actually do it.

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