Thursday, January 26, 2006

It's Never Going to Work

It's Never Going to Work

More and more when I see how things are going in the Middle East, I think those words. I am now of the opinion that everyone currently involved in the whole Israel-Palestine fiasco has to die and be replaced by less fanatic people for a resolution to ever come about. I used to think that Yassir Arafat was the one who had to die to open things up, but now I see that I was indulging in wishful thinking, and my timetable was plotted out on much too small a scale, and that this generation will not even be close to seeing anything resolve. Not even close.

Just when I was hoping (but not expecting, I admit it) that democratic elections for "Palestinians" would show the world that these people are not all rabid-Israel haters, that cooler heads do exist in the Arab world, and that most people want to coexist peacefully and just be done with all the fighting, I'm proven wrong, wrong, oh, so wrong.

If you've read me before, you know that my heart and mind are torn to pieces over this. I'm so far left in my desire to not kill anyone, anymore, that I'm wrapping around to the right and thinking that if we just kill them all, already, that at least it will be over, and we can stop the damn fighting.

Of course that's utter crap. The reality is that there has to be a certain combination of force and the will to cohabit the same earth constructively, and that it just isn't being reached.

My crazy idea for the day: teacher spies. We infiltrate the training schools with teacher spies who use subliminal messages to make the children they're teaching less violent and less likely to be willing to take their own lives for "the cause".

Is that really crazy? Is it morally reprehensible? I can not tell anymore, what with my brain saying things like "killing them all is the peaceful thing to do" and "people given a democratic choice are choosing the bloody terrorists".

See? It's never going to work.

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