Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who's the March Hare?

Today I read something that I wish to share. From "Obama's Strong Marriage Produces White House Drama, Dysfunction":
The Tea Party and all its Mad Hatters emerge to bedevil him.
The Tea Party, as far as I know, takes their name from the historical Boston Tea Party. It's an iconic image of the common man fighting for his rights against oppressive tyranny that has pervasively wound itself into even the most minute aspects of everyday life. Twisting it an re-associating it with the surreal afternoon ritual from Alice in Wonderland pretty much made my day.


Suzette said...

The Tea party is 1. The T.E.A. party and 2. not actually a political party.

T.E.A. stands for Taxed Enough Already and their ideology is only 2 points: stop raising taxes and slow down government spending. That's it. Only those two points.

Any other agenda people think they have has been assigned to them by the press, by the left, by progressives and by those with social agendas looking for exposure.

Do individual people who identify themselves as T.E.A. Party members have opinions that the left might not agree with? Without doubt - likely there are some opinions that no one would agree with. But that doesn't make those individual opinions what the T.E.A. party is or stands for.

The One True Tami said...

OK, it's a political movement, not a political party. I still put forth that the inspiration for the name was the Boston Tea Party, and that a large number of people that associate themselves with this movement would look good in a topper that costs 10/6.

I never did mention any agendas, did I? Just blindly following the "stop raising taxes" banner without making any allowances at all is enough of a reason for me to mock.

Suzette said...

FYI I look good in any hat but I doubt if I'd try that one.

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