Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still Haven't Figured Out

I still have not figured out how to fix my template so that it stops looking so stupid. In related news, my friend wants me to help her figure out how to keep her blog going after 5/1, when Blogger stops offering FTP uploads. I am well and truly screwed, here. There's a post about switching it to Blogger hosting by pointing the DNS file at Google-hosted servers WHICH I DO NOT WANT. Her blog isn't the only thing at that URL, and her account at doesn't have a database, or a way for me to specify subdomains, or ANY of the advanced crap I'd have to do to make this work without changing her URL. Plus, all the "free" hosting services that include their name in the URL (e.g. blogger, wordpress), her domain name is ALREADY TAKEN,. so changing her URL went out the window, anyway.

I'm right f*cked as far as helping her out, here, I've been trying for days. I do not know what to do. Anyone at all have any ideas? Anyone?


Suzette said...

I suggest moving to Wordpress with a new domain name, something like:

Dave J. said...

I moved mine to WP (stand-alone) from Blogger back in December. No regrets.

But, yea, you need hosting that includes DB access, which means money. Not everything in life can be free. My host offers $3/month accounts...cheaper than your time trying to figure out how to do it for free. (

The One True Tami said...

Thanks for the advice. Moving the whole thing to a new host would have been just as much of a pain. We compromised on mapping to a subdomain, and we're (finally!) all done, now.

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