Friday, July 3, 2009

Weekly Posting

OK, the sad truth is that I don't know what I can add,but I feel an obligation to post, to communicate with you stalwart few who continue to check in.

No one ever needs to say anything else about Michael Jackson, but if I were to give an opinion, I'd say that it's sad that so many people of astounding talent end badly after too short a run.

When I was a little girl, I wanted hair just like Farrah's. It's the truth.

Ed McMahon is a giant in my memory. Once again, as a little girl my impressions were indelibly formed. He just made Johnny Carson look short.

Also RIP, Karl Malden, Billy Mays, and thousands of others that we didn't hear about.

Hooray for Al Franken! Just 7 months to decide that one, it went so fast! (not) Did anyone else see the statement he made about actually sleeping with his own wife? No one sees that coming from a Senator! Someone I know isn't a fan of his, and posted a photo to a bulletin board of Franken wearing a diaper and bunny ears, holding a teddy bear lying on the floor of a nursery next to a big package of Luv's. Congratulations, Senator Franken, you're the first elected official able to pose like that without anyone even blinking.

Finally, to leave you with an actual original thought, I baked a brioche loaf on Sunday, and for lunch tomorrow before I leave for the barbecue, I plan on toasting two slices up, spreading them with a lovely French soft cheese, and then a bit of spiced pear chutney, topping them with a couple of slices of prosciutto, and feeling REALLY smug about it.

Everyone have a happy holiday.

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