Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Post in Which I State the Obvious - Again

I state the obvious whenever I think people are missing it.

Public Health Plan = great idea.

I want everyone to be able to get medical treatment without bankrupting themselves or the doctors. I want it to be possible, and I do NOT understand why it can't be.

I've been reading this: Holes remain as Senate panel crafts health bill. I'm not going to quote it, it lists a lot of costs, and the fact that many people don't like the plans that have been presented so far. There, it's like you've read the article.

Here's my opinion on what should be happening (remember, OBVIOUS):

Congresspersons should come up with the best, pie-in-the-sky ideas, ever. Then they should figure out what the different parts cost. Then, after people are treated for the heart attacks, they should hold committee discussions deciding which parts can reasonably be offered to the public without causing financial disaster. The people they should focus on are those who are not insured through their employers, up to a certain income level (which doesn't count the same for families as it does for singles, DUH), and those who have no employers to receive unemployment benefits *through*.

Anyone think this is really happening? I read in the MSNBC article that companies are worried that "...the plan requirements will be so robust that our members' plans won't meet those requirements" (Jeri Kubicki, the National Association of Manufacturers' vice president for human resources policy). There should be requirements, and they should be reasonable.

Make a plan, then make it as affordable as possible without taking it to the "does no one any good" level. There, you have your orders Congress, get to it.

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