Monday, June 1, 2009

Jazz Solves the Maternity Crisis

Just at a quick glance, I can think of the following things I've said regarding some people and their children over the years.(Paraphrased for brevity, convenience, and to make them fit my premise regardless of accuracy.)
  • There really should be a test you have to take before you're allowed to procreate.
  • How does anyone that stupid even find somebody to screw them, say nothing of have a kid?
  • They should do that kid a favor and send it to a sweat shop now.
  • We've clearly run out of chlorine for the gene pool.
  • How has somebody not just buried you in cement by now?
Ok, I think that last one was actually for my sister, but you get the point. I've often felt that some people were probably too stupid to be raising children, but our system of laws really doesn't allow you to do anything about it. But even with that opinion, I don't think I was talking about this woman.
Mother too stupid to keep child

A MOTHER is taking her fight to the European Court of Human Rights after she was forbidden from seeing her three-year-old daughter because she is not “clever enough” to look after her. The woman, who for legal reasons can be identified only by her first name, Rachel, has been told by a family court that her daughter will be placed with adoptive parents within the next three months, and she will then be barred from further contact.

The adoption is going ahead despite the declaration by a psychiatrist that Rachel, 24, has no learning difficulties and “good literacy and numeracy and [that] her general intellectual abilities appear to be within the normal range”.
This should probably make me feel bad about all of the heartless things I've said about parents and their satanic spawn over the years, though obviously it doesn't. It does give me pause, though. I don't want the government jumping in at the drop of a hat and saying that somebody needs a special degree in order to keep a kid or a dog or a kitten. That's not right.

It should also be left to those of us in the mocking classes to make fun of them if they venture out to the movies.

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