Thursday, September 18, 2008

Palin Quotes

Actually quotes about Palin.

A friend sent me this link: The 20 Most Obnoxious Anti-Palin Quotes So Far from Right Wing News. Some of them I find amusing, some distressing in their truth, and one or two I think are over the line. Still, I was inspired to write some quotes of my own.

Not, in my opinion, offensive:

Sarah Palin has been quoted as stating that her pregnant teenage daughter has made the right choice in marrying her baby's father and having the baby. I put forth that perhaps having unprotected sex as an unmarried teenager was actually the wrong choice.

Probably offensive:

Sarah Palin named a child with Down's Syndrome "Trig". Do you think that's because he'll never get to the developmental stage where he'll be able to resent it?

Edit: I have decided, upon further reflection, that both my comments are offensive, because they're addressing Palin's family instead of her politics. I stand by my opinion that unprotected teen sex is a bad choice, but I acknowledge that the fact that young Ms. Palin indulged in it is none of my business, at all.

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