Friday, November 10, 2006

Upstream, Red Team

First things first - Holy Crap, Rutgers beat Louisville! w00t, Rutgers!

I know I don't actually care about football, but when the college you graduated from is all over the news, you can't help but feeling kind of... good about it. Crazy!

Now, I don't care about Rutgers, but my dad does. Poor Dad, there he was this morning, all excited about his beloved team, the team he stands by year after year, who this year is actually giving him something back, when he hears the news about New Jersey property tax proposals. He did the math this morning. Seems that as a senior, he was getting a $1200 rebate from the state of New Jersey. Under the new plan, his rebate will be cancelled, and his taxes will be lowered $1040, for a net loss of $160. My dad has fallen through the cracks. To be truthful, we're actually thrilled that something's actually being done, but it would have been nice if it didn't cost him money.

I actually sighed out loud while I was writing that. I've said over and over that someone has to pay the bills and that people should just suck it up, so I guess that's what we're doing in my house. My dad, and me, the hypocrite who doesn't own the house and doesn't have to pay this tax, anyway.

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