Monday, November 13, 2006

I Get Comments III

Barry, from Cynical Nation makes a point:

(I said)
> I've said over and over that someone has to pay the bills and that people should just suck it up...
(Barry said)
But what if the bills are unreasonably high, as a result of waste and mismanagement? Isn't that at all a cause of concern? Isn't it worth at least a complaint or a bitch or a grouse?

Of course it is! Of course we should bring up what we think is wrong, and what we think must be changed. Rail! Complain! Take action and suggest what you think could work instead! Make the future world a better place.

The thing is, making the future world a better place doesn't pay the bills that are due, today. If you let your brother use your credit card and he maxes it out in a month, those charges all have to be paid off no matter what you do to your brother.

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