Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pilot of the Airwaves

I know a little about radios, and I'm sure I could learn more if I applied myself.

How much money do you think is in reading government RFID chips remotely?
The story seems simple enough. An outside privacy and security advisory committee to the Department of Homeland Security penned a tough report concluding the government should not use chips that can be read remotely in identification documents. But the report remains stuck in draft mode, even as new identification cards with the chips are being announced.
I mean, I know that selling government secrets to foreign agencies is treason and all, but who can resist a quick buck?

I, more than most people, understand the value of working around testing and reports to actually get some work done, but ignoring security warnings seems so... pig headed. Yes. That's the phrase I'm looking for. Maybe "deliberately wearing blinders" can be worked in - that's a good one, too.

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