Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fair Weather Friends

I popped over to the Opinion Mill today, to catch up, and I found a bit about how Rutgers football is not the money maker people think it can/will be.

I come from a Rutgers family. Since the early 1900's (1910, maybe?), members of the Feller/Haimovitz/Yaches clan have been going to Rutgers. My dad, the biggest Rutgers fan of them all, counted the Rutgers attendees among us once; he stopped after 30 graduates. I have a late cousin who is rumored to be buried at the site of the new stadium (yeah, I know, it's not that new) because he loved Rutgers so much. Every time one of my family members, dead or alive, is mentioned in the Rutgers Alumni magazine, my dad shows it to me with glee.

Now, I'm not one of the clan who's been bitten by the Rutgers Loyalty Bug. I mean, I'm fine with the fact that I went there, it's a good school, but I don't really care whether the Rutgers teams win - at anything - or not. Now that they're winning, though, I find that way more people than I ever recall mentioning the teams before CARE. I've seen more than three scarlet "R" magnets on the backs of cars on route 287 in the past 3 days. I never saw any of them that weren't on campus or on my dad's car before.

Posers. Real fans show their allegiance even when the team sucks.

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