Thursday, May 11, 2006

New Jersey Has Cities?

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Was pointed to this article by BlueJersey.Net.
But here's what is odd about Newark -- no, odd, really, about New Jersey. Newark is the bad section. The bad section of the state.

The place to be avoided -- along with Camden and Paterson and Trenton and Elizabeth and the parts of Jersey City that don't face the river.

New Jersey hates its cities. Too strong?

I don't think so (also what he said, next). I live near New Brunswick. New Brunswick used to have a whole bunch of "projects" - low income housing - that was clearly viewable from route 18. Now tons of it, whole blocks, are gone, replaced by fancy, gentrified condominiums and upscale restaurants.

There used to be people living in those apartment buildings, hundreds of people. Now there are new people, different people, richer people. I ask what in the world they did with the residents that were misplaced by this whole "refurbishing" effort, but no one ever has an answer for me.

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