Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New Blood

New White House Chief of Staff.

Thanks to "West Wing", I understand what this guy does, in a TV Drama kind of way. Joshua Bolten will be taking over, and, I predict, will also be mixed up with John Bolton for years to come.
Bolten served as deputy White House chief of staff in Bush's first term and then was moved over to head the budget office at a time when spending on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as Medicare benefits and the recovery from Hurricane Katrina pushed up deficits. In an attempt to deal with the new spending demands, Bolten oversaw two consecutive budgets that actually cut overall non-security discretionary domestic spending. But many Republicans in Congress have complained that the administration has not done enough to tighten the federal belt.
Ah, so I already know that I'm not that thrilled with his previous work (not that I'm "many Republicans"). Terrific!

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