Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Completely Inappropriate

So I know it's completely inappropriate to talk about your father's heart attack on your blog, but holy crap, you have to talk about it somewhere! I figured if I wrote it out once, I wouldn't be talking about it all day to everyone. I'm probably wrong about that.

My dad thought he had indigestion, or an issue with his blood hemolizing, because he has a couple of blood conditions. It turns out he had a mild heart attack. Crap, that's scary, but my god, it's like a heart attack fixing factory in the hospital we went to. People stacked up like cord wood, coming out on stretchers being told that they can go home tomorrow after angioplasty, and no driving for 2 days!

He was coherent and healthy-looking the whole time, what the hell? I was nervous like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, and the cardiologist was all like, Oh, here's a copy of the pictures we took of the inside of his heart. Neat, right?

No. Not neat, terrifying. I don't care if it's commonplace for them, it wasn't commonplace for *us*.

And yes, I voted already. Took the opportunity to cancel out the vote of some good New Jersey republican.

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