Friday, December 24, 2004

Wait - strike that, reverse it

Over at The Moderate Voice, Joe Gandleman has a piece that doubts the convenient timing of Rumsfeld's visit to Iraq. Honestly, while I think he's more than capable of doing something just to exploit people, I believe that he had the Christmas trip planned in advance, and being able to exploit the attack on the mess hall angle is just an unplanned bonus.

In the news this morning, though, I find Rumsfeld Tells U.S. Troops in Iraq They Can Win. It contains feel-good messages like this one:
He said: "This is a tough situation here in Iraq. It is dangerous, people are being wounded, people are being killed."
Oh, my sweet fannie. It's a tough situation in the country WHERE WE DECLARED WAR.

But wait, wait, I hate when I do this, and I do it every time. I had a point about the article's title - didn't we already declare that we'd won this war? You know, the whole "captured Saddam, toppled his statue" thing? You mean the war's still going on? Is that why all those poor soldiers are being killed? Well this makes a lot more sense, now!

If everyone supposedly wants peace on earth, then why are we still killing each other?

Merry Christmas, all you Christian-type readers.

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